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Banana Boat! Banana Boat! Banana Boat! is what the kids say.  This adventure takes you zooming through the Gulf of Mexico at our Perdido Key location. We can accommodate up to 6 passengers at one time as we make our splash through the water. This is the ultimate way to cool off in the water, and sure to bring tons of laughs and smiles for the whole family. The yellow water banana is towed through the water on a Jet Ski by one of our United States Coast Guard Certified captains. All participants will be required to wear a lifejacket during their 20 minutes of the wet n wild ride.  The banana will do twists and turns and you will bounce through the waves assuring tons of excitement.  So get ready, get set, hold on tight and LETS GOOOOO……..

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Perdido Key Banana Boats

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Banana Boat Ride Perdido Key, Fl   Banana Boat Rides
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